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Rina is a senior software engineer at Dropbox and was a full stack engineer before the term was invented.
She is a speaker, blogger and a mentor, focused on technical communication and promoting women in tech.
Rina has been known to have opinions about all things software development & design, though not about tabs vs. spaces.

Rina Artstain

Senior Software Engineer
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English, Hebrew
-, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Silly baboons, stubborn elephants

Software Engineering, Soft Skills, General, Professional Development

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Have you ever found yourself stuck waiting 6 months for API to support a feature which needs to be ready in two weeks? Maybe spent weeks trying to figure out how to make a feature work while dealing with multiple versions of legacy code?
As product engineers working with platform groups, conflicts arise naturally and can cause major setbacks in delivering quality results fast.
Let’s take a look at the wildly different world views of product and platform engineering groups, and see how we can all get along together.

Settling the diversity dilemma

Soft Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, Inspirational

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I wish I could just focus on giving talks about the creative and technical sides of software engineering, but I guess as a woman in tech I can’t really avoid the occasional diversity conversation, so here I am.
Diversity tax is the invisible load on underrepresented minorities (URMs) which causes them to spend extra time and energy on tasks and various undertakings which aren’t advancing their careers. In this talk I will share some of my experiences and provide a framework for deciding which opportunities to pursue and when to just say no.

Code review: Once more, with feeling

Software Engineering, Soft Skills, Professional Development, Inspirational, Leadership

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Code & design reviews, when done right, keep code quality high and enable software developers to improve personally and professionally by getting another perspective and feedback on their work.
But when there are people involved, there are also feelings. It's part of the human package. This is our work, and we're personally invested in it.
In this talk I will share how to include both the professional and the personal in our code & design review processes leads to better quality results and personal & professional growth.

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