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A problem solver, an entrepreneur who built two companies in the past - the first was in the Chinese market with cosmetics product, the second, called Flying Fish was a boutique consulting firm for startups and big organizations who used different creative strategies for growth.
I was CMO twice (the first time in Fintech startup who was acquired by Saxo bank, managing a team of ten professionals, the second time in China, managing international marketing around the globe). I also managed the global operations and finance in another AI startup.
Today, I'm mentoring entrepreneurs from the pre-idea phase to the scalable project phase (dozens of entrepreneurs in each program, each time for 3 months).
I believe an entrepreneurial mindset is something every person can and should learn.

Revital Kremer

Mentor for startup's founders who want to scale
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English, Hebrew
Herzeliya, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


The Entrepreneurial Mindset | Problems solving using SIT | Becoming my own boss - how to build a scalable startup step by step?

Innovation, Women in Tech, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Development, Soft Skills, Professional Development, HR, General, Product, Diversity and Inclusion, Inspirational

1. The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Talk)
Can anyone become an entrepreneur?
What makes an entrepreneur be different from others?
How can you become one?
Where do I start if I want to be an entrepreneur?

2. Problem solving using SIT (Talk or Workshop)
How can we use our surroundings and what we already have in order to innovate and solve marketing problems?
Introducing the Systematic Innovation Thinking method by using 5 basic rules.

3. Becoming my own boss - how to build a scalable startup step by step? (Talk or Workshop)
How to find the right idea?
How to build the MVP and make sure I have a product-market-fit?
How to build a one-pager?
Where do I find my target market?
How do I hire my first professional team?


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