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Revital is a frontend developer in Minute Media who has roughly 15 years of experience in software development, the last 4 of them are dedicated to the frontend development world. Before that, she was a backend developer who tried to escape her fate…
She has a BA in Computer Science and she’s a tech lead and a mentor.

Revital is a mother of a 2-legged creature and a 4-legged creature. In her spare time, she likes digging in record shops around the world to find hidden treasures, going to concerts and festivals, and fantasies about a house with a yard and one larger-than-life avocado tree...

Revital Keren

Frontend Architect
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


No More Copy-Pastes - We Need a Frontend Framework of Our Own!

Software Engineering, Frontend

This is a story about a relatively simple React project - just a back office for a few products - simple, but good.
Since adding new products to our project was sooo easy, we found ourselves housing unrelated products.
This is when we decided to create a framework out of it.

What? A framework? That's a big word!
What does the word framework even mean?
When should you consider creating a framework?
And how the hell are we going to create a framework from a live codebase?
Come and find out...

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