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Renana comes from a strong technical background with extensive product and managerial experience in the areas of Technology, Global Innovation and strategy.
Today, Renana manages the investment team at Grove Ventures, a leading Israeli early stage, deep technology fund established by Dov Moran.
Prior to joining Grove Ventures, Renana worked at Applied Materials, a global technology leader, in various product and technical management positions. Her previous position was an engineering fellow at the Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies at Northwestern University developing diagnostic devices for poor resourced countries.
Renana is a captain (res.) in the IDF and served as a technology officer in the military’s elite intelligence unit 8200
Renana holds an MSc from Northwestern

Renana Ashkenazi

Investment manager
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


The 3,500,001th Guide for How to Prep for a VC Investment Pitch

Women in Tech, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

If you google “how to prepare for a VC pitch” google will throw your way over 3.5M results in 0.6 seconds; Google “startup funding” and you’ll get even more. So, this is, by no means, an attempt to talk about anything the internet hasn’t seen before. This talk should, however, put you in a pretty good starting point when prepping for your VC pitch. Because the truth of the matter is, it’s really quite simple.

Ask Now (Else You’d Be Sorry Later): How to Approach Market Validation?

Entrepreneurship, Women in Tech, Innovation, Business Development

It is not uncommon to hear early stage VCs pride themselves of investing in a company “before they had a single line of code written”. Entrepreneurs often find themselves in a frenzy of development, before they’ve comprehensively answered the #1 question — do the people I want to sell my mind-blowing solution to, actually need it? The talk reviews the vital (yet simple) steps of conducting a market research.

All Things Tech: Let’s Talk FemTech

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Women in Tech

In recent years, researchers have conducted five times as many studies into erectile dysfunction, which affects 19% of men, then premenstrual syndrome, which affects 90% of women. But that doesn’t make any economic sense. Investors always look for that sweet spot: a huge market potential with a very large target population — that can pay. How does a market of (a bit over) half the world’s population, spending over $20 Trillion a year sound?

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