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Rachel has 20 years of experience in a variety of executive positions in product and project management and software development.
In the capacity of VP Product, Rachel developed SaaS B2B and B2B2C products for companies such as Kryon, SweetInn, Seebo, and Powermat. Product verticals were robotic process automation, travel tech, IOT, Wireless charging, maps and navigation, IT solutions and security.
Rachel also teaches at Shenkar the courses "Product Management" and "Systems Integrations and IOT".

Rachel BenHanoch

VP Product Management & Lecturer at Shenkar
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English, Hebrew
Givat Shmuel, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


From 0 to 100 in the World of Internet-of-Things

Product, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship

The IoT is here and is changing our life.
Product managers, UX experts, entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers, who consider entering the world of IoT or want to learn about this new world
This talk is special for you !

IOT is embedded into cars, houses, vending machines, factory equipment, security systems, kitchen equipment, sports gear, kids’ toys, and much more. Cities become smart and run municipal services autonomously, machines are managing machines and heal them remotely.

In this lecture Rachel will introduce the big promise of the world of IoT, and its challenges and complexities.

Any topic on Product Management

Product, Entrepreneurship, Software Engineering, UX / UI, Women in Tech

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