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Pauline, Co-founder & CEO of Trackener, on a mission to revolutionise equine
care thanks to data and technology. She graduated from one of the top
engineering school in France and completed an Msc in Technology
Entrepreneurship at UCL.
She has a lot of knowledge about leading product development from an idea into production, managing a team of developers and about the Internet of Things.
Pauline was nominated for several awards: Top 50 WeAreTechWomen, Best
Female Led Angel Investment and Oxford Trust Young Entrepreneur Award.

Pauline Issard

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English, French
London, United Kingdom
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How to bring an IoT product to market

Entrepreneurship, Product, Innovation, Women in Tech, Leadership

I've been doing talks about:
-how to turn an idea into a commercially viable product, talking both about the hardware and software development, prototyping, fundraising and finding the right people to work with.
-how to start a business as a young graduate and sharing tips on that
-more technical talks about product management and IoT product development

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