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My name is Noaa Barki I'm a software Developer at Datree and GitHub community leader and tech writer who wish to encourage us, developers, to deepen the decisions we make during the development processes, research about the technologies we use, and share our knowledge. I started my journey in 8200 unit of the Intelligence forces where I took my first steps in software development. In the last 4 years, my work mainly included Angular, .NET, VanillaJS, and Typescript. Currently, I develop in React, NodeJS and Golang.

Noaa Barki

Senior Software Developer
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Don't underestimate the push --force

Software Engineering, Professional Development, DevOps

Explore the good the bad and ugly of git -force option.

It is well known that git’s push --force is strongly discouraged and even considered destructive and harmful. In this talk, we will understand why it can be dangerous, learn when we should use it, how it works under the hood and master how to use it in a harmless way.

What we learned from Reading 100+ Outage Post-Mortems

DevOps, Backend, Software Engineering

A smart person learns from their own mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

When launching our product we reviewed many post-mortems (100+!) to discover the root causes of typical outages in Kubernetes-based systems.

In this talk, we'll review the most obvious DON’Ts and some less obvious ones and learn how YOU prevent your next production outage by using ConfTest, OPA Gatekeeper, and Datree.

Mobx: Life is too short for slow web apps

Software Engineering, Professional Development, Frontend

Imagine the perfect application - what comes into your mind?

If you dreamed like me about solid project structure, clean and predictable data-flows and good high performance you are in the right place.
Mobx is high performance library for reactively managing applications state.
In this session will introduce the concept behind Mobx, how it works under the hood and how to use in order to create a perfect application.

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