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Dubbed “the Queen of Emails” by too many people to count – and “one of the most courageous copywriters” by the one person who really counts (her boss) – Nikki is the copywriter behind emails for Shopify Plus, Prezi, Sprout Social and more. She serves as Head of Email for the Copyhackers Agency and consults with brands looking to increase their email ROI.

Nikki Elbaz

Head of Email
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Bet Shemesh, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How to use cold email to drive more free trial sign ups

Marketing, Business Development, Community / Networking, Product, Content

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Think cold email is dead? Cold email can be done right. And when it is, it can be your unfair advantage in driving collaborations – and accelerating your growth. Based on her 5-figure cold email, Nikki will show you:
1. why you should include cold emails in your growth strategy (it's not why you think)
2. the one thing your cold pitch is missing (nearly everyone gets this wrong)
3. the step you need to tap into human persuasion (it also cuts the sleaze)
4. what your responses (or lack thereof) are telling you (how to test like a copywriter)

Using Your Inbox to Write Better Emails

Content, Marketing, Women in Tech, Product, Business Development

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Stuck on what to write in that email you gotta send?
Here’s a shortcut: Swipe copywriting ideas from emails you love.
Only thing is…
How do you *actually* swipe without stealing?
We’ll show you how to use your swipes for good – not for thievery – in this 20-min tutorial.

Courage to Fail: why + how to take risks in your email copy

Innovation, Inspirational, Marketing, Product, Content, Business Development

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• Why you need to take risks when writing emails
• What kinds of risks can you take (+ examples)
• How to make sure your risks are smart
• Where to get inspiration for risky ideas

• The willingness and motivation to take email copy risks
• The criteria for evaluating if an idea is a smart risk
• Resources for ideating risky ideas

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