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Nicole has led Ms.Tech, a company focused on seeing more women start and scale technology companies, as the founder since 2014. She has spent over twenty years in leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies in various capacities such as Direct Sales, Marketing Services, and Learning Development. From helping iterate within on a small team that collectively became the most profitable unit operating as direct to consumer health insurance for individuals and families, she now invests her time advising and guiding the next generation of startup companies. She developed, coordinated and co-facilitated seven cohorts of a unique pre-accelerator program designed to help early-stage companies become “investor ready.”
In just under a year, Ms.Tech was recognized in “Crain's Guide to Netw..

Nicole Yeary

Founder & CEO
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Cleveland & Chicago , US
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Hi5H - 5 tips on transitioning past fear!

General, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Community / Networking, Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Inspirational

Show up
Every Opp starts with showing up.
Create opportunities for yourself.
Show up, make connections, be present and participate.
Because you never know who you might meet and the opportunities you will create.

Team up
You don’t have go at it alone.
Teaming up empowers everyone involved.
Power up your efforts by teaming up with a mentor, a coach, a co-founder, or by joining an organization... like Ms.Tech!

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