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Adjunct Professor teaching Digital Marketing at IDC - the Inter Disciplinary Center, Israel's top private college.

Owner and CEO of HiveMind.co.il - a unique service for SMBs, finding and matching the best freelance digital marketers for each business.

Digital Marketing manager and professor for over a decade, and still getting starry-eyed excited about every new feature.

Naomi Karmi

Digital Marketing Consultant
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English, Hebrew
Ranat Gan, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How Facebook's E-Commerce Moves Will Change Digital Marketing

Marketing, Business Development

Facebook has huge plans for the next year - and they can flip the digital marketing world up side down and shake it like a pepper-shaker.
Facebook shops, that would allow any seller to sell directly through Instagram, Whatsapp and, of course, Facebook, are just the latest announcement.
Combine this with the plans to converge all the messengers - FB's, Instagram's and yes, Whatsapp to one huge messenger, and the Novi digital wallet that will allow money transfer through users of this mega-messenger, and you can get a peek to the world of next year. A world where the users sees a product during a groups conversation, click, look and pay instantly, seamlessly, without pausing even once.

How much more impulsive will this world be?

This talk looks deeply into these e-commerce plans, makes some educated predictions, and conclude with what we at the industry can do right now, in order to get the lead in the world of next year.

How To Find Best Digital Marketing Service Provider


The elephant in the room is no longer invisible - the digital marketing industry is swarmed with charlatans and amateurs. So how can a business find the real experts? And how can you tell if the providers in front of you, promising you the moon, can stand behind their words?

The founder of HiveMind, a unique service matching digital marketing freelancer to businesses, shares some secrets from the other side and give any business or startup -
- The hidden red flags VS positive clues
- Some very good questions to ask any Digital Marketer
- And a couple of ideas for the final assessment stage

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