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Miri Curiel is a senior tech management mentor and consultant. Her experience as VP R&D, in early stage startups as well as large companies, shaped her vision: to help hi-tech companies scale up their management teams, delivery processes and work culture.

Miri is also a passionate advocate for women in senior technology roles, and a popular speaker on the subject of management and diversity. When she doesn’t speak, she sometimes sings in a classical choir.

Miri Curiel

Tech Management Expert
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Being a Manager - what does it actually mean?

Soft Skills, Leadership, Professional Development

Many talented people would like to be promoted to management positions. But often these people, as well as people who are already managers, don't fully understand the many aspects of the manager's role.

Young managers typically perceive their role as smaller than what's expected from them. It takes time, sometimes years, until they develop a wide-range, influential role perception, focused not only on their own team, but also on have productive peer interfaces and managing up (influence the management).

In this talk I present the many roles of the manager in a clear, structured, detailed and sometimes surprising way.

The talk is targeted for young managers, but higher level managers are invited as well, and share a common management vocabulary with the younger managers.
People who would like to become managers will benefit from this talk by better understanding what they aim for, and how to get there.

It's not good to be a good girl

Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, Inspirational, Soft Skills, Leadership

We often hear about the "glass ceiling" - that women are frequently discriminated when it comes to benefits and promotions in the workplace, and that the male-dominated, hi-tech culture makes it hard for women to thrive and advance in many companies. All these issues are important and we must continue fighting to change them.

But in this workshop, we’ll talk about ourselves and how we, as women, contribute to the situation, and what we can do to actively change it.

We’ll talk about:
· How we may be harming our careers
· What typical behaviors we should change if we wish to have a great career
· Practical tips you can implement, starting right away

The women-only workshop is interactive, and you’re invited to listen, share, consult, and advise from your own experiences.

Good Girls in Hi-Tech : Overcoming the Confidence Gap (For Mixed audience)

Soft Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, HR, Inspirational, Leadership

The stats speak for themselves: Women can be found in lower numbers in executive roles and influential positions in the hi-tech industry.

It's clear to all that women are as good as men both professionally and as managers, and we believe that there's no conscious discrimination against women. so why do women advance less than men? And how can we change this?

In this talk we'll look for the answer in young girls' tendency to be "Good Girls", and describe what happens when these good girls arrive at the world of hi-tech, where other values, such as aggressiveness and disruption, are common. We'll see how this conflicting situation affects their confidence and behavior at the workplace, and find out what Tailor Swift has to do with it all. 

To sum up with optimistic notes, I'll offer some practical tips that hi-tech companies can adopt to create an atmosphere where women can thrive, influence and get their equal share of promotion.

Standing Together: 7 Principles for Great Product/Engineering Relationship

Product, Soft Skills, Leadership, Software Engineering

Engineers and Product Managers can have fruitful work relationships, yet quite often they don’t. If you’ve never participated in a Product-Engineering blame game, you’re probably new to the tech industry.

It is easy to recognize companies with bad Product-Engineering vibes – these organizations usually suffer from frequent arguments, a finger-pointing culture, slow delivery and quality issues.

In this session, we will review the many ways broken Product/Engineering relations can look like, and the reasons behind them (hint - these are often related to factors outside of the delivery team’s control). We will then learn how healthy Product/Engineering relations look like. Finally, we will explore the key factors to reach mutual respect, trust, and fruitful cooperation between the Engineering and Product teams.

Managing your Manager

Soft Skills, HR, Leadership, Professional Development, Community / Networking

The relationship with our direct manager is often complicated, sometimes even frustrating. Many people complain about the manager who doesn’t understand them, doesn’t promote them, or simply doesn’t do the obviously right thing. What we don’t usually hear is that we can easily improve the relationship with our manager using simple techniques. This technique is known as “Managing your manager”, and believe it or not, your managers are just waiting for you to do it.

As a manager and a mentor Miri has experienced the communication gaps between employees and their managers, across all levels from team leaders to top management. She developed practical tips to overcome the communication gaps and achieve successful cooperation between employees and their managers. She believes that the relationship with the direct manager is the single most important relationship in the workplace, and if we start managing it, we can dramatically improve our achievements, influence and overall satisfaction.

Looking for a job? A simple algorithm for networking, that always works

Community / Networking, Soft Skills, Inspirational, General

A few years ago I was looking for a senior position, and was told that networking was the best way to find a job. I was terrified by this word, networking. I never networked before.

Luckily, I got great tips from friends, that worked for me so well, that I started to love networking. I compiled my experience into a simple algorithm that everyone can follow. Over the years I shared it with many people, who used it to reach surprising achievements. In this session I’ll share the algorithm with you.

Home/Work : The secret of how to become an invaluable employee when working from home

Professional Development, Soft Skills, Leadership, Inspirational

“I’m an excellent developer, my work is professional and I always meet deadlines. How come my manager doesn’t see me?”
“I’m often unsure of when is the right time to ask my manager for help”
“My manager keeps checking on me, I feel she doesn’t trust me”

If these sentences ring a familiar bell, this talk is for you. After many years as a VP R&D, I intimately know both perspectives, yours and your managers’, and can bridge between them. In this talk I’ll discuss:
- How to convey messages that help you achieve your goals?
- How to communicate with your manager so that she sees you and appreciates your work?
- And how to do it all when working from home?

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