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A passionate, smiley HR leader with one mission - to grow and develop the best managers for our tech community.
Currently the regional HR Lead for Skai (formerly Kenshoo) EMEA and APJ, with over 15 years of HR experience in high tech companies of various sizes and loving every minute of it!

Michal Brosh

Senior Director, HR
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English, Hebrew
Herzliya, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


What They Don't Teach You About Feedback

HR, Soft Skills, Leadership

We've all been there. Our employees complain they don't get enough feedback, but when we give them feedback they give us such pushback, that we regret ever bringing it up.
You've been into plenty of feedback workshops, and were taught many techniques but it still doesn't make sense. In this session we'll cover once and for all how to get out of this loop, why the way we give feedback is all wrong and what we can do instead.
We'll also talk about the unspeakable - the 3 most common reactions to feedback and how to work with them (not around them!)

The right answer is asking the right question! Your single most important manageent tool.

HR, Leadership, Soft Skills

So, you're a manager. You know that you need to start having one on ones with your employees, but what are you supposed to do there? How do you know if your employees are engaged? How do you build trust, develop your employees, measure team health, wellness and motivation? All of these and more are easy to reach by asking the right questions and listening carefully for the answers. So what are these questions? join the talk to find out.

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