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Maayan Shoval is a software engineer who is passionate about algorithms and the wonder of operating systems. For 5 years she has focused on the world of compilation and lint at Intel.
She has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion, where she also took a major part in various extracurricular activities.
In her spare time Maayan is either competing in hackathons, judging in tech competitions or surfing at the beach.

Maayan Shoval

Software Engineer
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Lint Behind the Scenes

Software Engineering, Professional Development, Backend, Women in Tech

We all make mistakes. Mistyping variable names, forgetting a closing bracket, calling a function with the wrong number of arguments or writing buggy code. The list goes on and on.
If you are a software engineer you are probably familiar with those problems.
Linter is the tool that helps identify those problems in your code.

In this talk we will discover how lint is a part of an everyday IDE usage and how it is used for code analysis of a program. We will go behind the scenes to see how a linter actually works, what it has to do with the phases of a compiler and how it is applicable in hardware.

Let’s discover the power of lint together.

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