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I'm an ML Product Manager with prior experience as a Data Scientist, Independent ML Consultant, and College Lecturer. I hold an MSc in Natural Language Processing and hold special interest in Sarcasm. My research, in which I presented the first ever Sarcasm Interpretation system was presented in ACL 2017 and was cited multiple times.

I'm passionate about communicating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to various crowds, especially non-tech. Where ML meets Research, Product, Business or Marketing - that's where I love to be!
I've presented in multiple conferences worldwide (US, Canada, Czech Republic, Israel and others), and I'm an active advocate for women in ML- I love presenting in events such as WiDS, Google Women TechMakers and others.

AI, ML, PM, NLP, DS, NN...

Lotem Peled-Cohen

Machine Learning Product Manager
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


PMing an AI Product

Data / AI / ML, Soft Skills, Product, Innovation

How does the Product Manager role change when you lead ML products? In this talk I present the uniqueness of the ML Product Manager position and discuss challenges we meet, both generally and specific to the Food AI domain,

Exploring Food-AI and how it’s transforming the Digital Food Experience

Data / AI / ML, Entrepreneurship, Product, Innovation, Marketing

By sharing Whisk's Food AI, the goal of this talk is to deepen your understanding of how ML solutions are impacting the digital food industry.

How to train your data scientist?

Data / AI / ML, Soft Skills, Community / Networking, Diversity and Inclusion

It is SO HARD to hire Data Scientists.... But why? What's the DS role, how did it storm into our life, and how can you create a better Data Science department in your organization?

Interpreting Sarcasm using Sentiment-Based NLP

General, Data / AI / ML, Innovation

In this talk I present my research on the first ever Sarcasm Interpretation system, built as a Machine Translation algorithm (presented in ACL 2017).

Intro to AI

Data / AI / ML

High level introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Localising Your App - Challenges and Effects on ML Products

Data / AI / ML, UX / UI, Product, Innovation, Content, Mobile

Localising your app to multiple regions and languages may seem straightforward at first, as if it focused all around UX translation. However, in my journey to release our app in >10 languages, I encountered many diverse challenges that go well beyond that.
Planning to localise your app anytime soon? In this talk I will raise some of the challenges you should take into consideration! From UX changes, through design and customer success, all the way to effects on your ML products (for example, recommendation systems).
Finally, I'll present some ways in which you could tackle these challenges and ensure a successful international release.

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