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Creator, Strategic Communications and PR, Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist.
Lizette Weber is CEO of Lizette Weber Agency.
More than 25 years of experience developing and implementing strategic communications campaigns for national and international corporate firms, from various sectors.
She created Ludi el Pirata, a brand of positive entertainment for kids, families and schools.
She has a Major Degree in Sciences of Communication, a postgraduate course in Public Speaking at UCSD in San Diego CA. In 2018 she graduated from the prestigious ISDI with the degree of Masters in Internet Business.
Part of her DNA has been geared to contribute and help in noble causes. She works as a volunteer for many nonprofit organizations.

Lizette Weber

CEO Lizette Weber PR Agency and CEO Ludi el pirata
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English, Spanish
Mexico City, Mexico
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Digital Content generation for kids and Families

Innovation, Inspirational, Content, Marketing, Leadership

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A success story about the digital transformation of a positive entertainment project created in 2003 and which achieved great success in the traditional media. The founder and her team challenged themselves to learn and apply the necessary changes to turn Ludi the pirate into a startup that lives on digital platforms. Challenges, decisions, talent recruitment, team leadership and happy management, content creation and production, programming of suitable platforms (we are still improving) creation of a video channel on YouTube an own digital publisher (in the process of improvement; it will be ready in July 2020). How through digital marketing and Public Relations campaigns you can position and grow a completely original brand created in its beginnings in Spanish. Monetization challenges and global reach in different languages.

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