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Lital Cohen is a professional speaker and experienced facilitator with over 11 years of experience leading seminars, team building workshops and professional development sessions in numerous companies and organizations, such as Stanford University, eBay, VMware and more.
Lital holds a master's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and received the English Public Speaking National Championship from Toastmasters, the world's largest public speaking and leadership skills organization.
Lital provides a safe, personal and positive atmosphere, in person and online, in which all team participants are active, challenged, motivated and to their goals and dreams.

Lital Cohen

Professional speaker and founder of CORE
English, Hebrew
Los Altos, USA
Can also give an online talk/webinar


The powHER to live courageously

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Women in Tech, Inspirational

"Being brave doesn't mean you are not scared, it just means that you do it anyway"

In this course, you will gain simple, behavioral and mental tools to empower you to overcome challenges, insecurity and self-doubt. These tools will boost your self confidence and sense of achievement and will inspire you to achieve goals that once only existed in your dreams.

We all have goals we wish to achieve. Goals can make us passionate and excited about the future. They can also arouse insecurities and doubts about the decision-making process, which can influence the life path we choose to pursue or avoid. In this workshop, I will share inspirational stories that touch upon the process of conquering fears, in order to reach one’s highest potential.
I will provide practical and user-friendly tools that enable participants to conquer insecurity, procrastination and self-doubt, resulting in behaviors that lead to taking active steps towards pursuing desired outcomes.

How to become a captivating speaker?

Professional Development, Leadership, Soft Skills

Learn how to captivate your virtual and in person audience, from the moment you walk into a room and leave them engaged by your message and motivated to take action!

Have you ever attended a lecture, presentation, or meeting, in person or online, only to become completely bored right after the speaker starts to talk? Or worse, have you ever seen this happening to your listeners while you were talking?

As a national public speaking champion with Toastmasters, the largest public speaking organization worldwide, and as a professional facilitator with over eleven years of experience on different stages, I will share innovative tricks and strategies to help create unforgettable moments for your listeners. You will learn to inspire them to action, all while lowering your own level of anxiety before and during your presentations.

​We will also discuss audience psychology and gain insight into the ‘cognitive journey’ of an audience during a presentation, meeting, or training session.

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