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For the past 3 years Lior leads a Data Science team at Riskified, an ecommerce fraud prevention company. Her day-to-day work is focused on the cat-and-mouse chase between fraudsters and the gatekeepers in charge of stopping them, using various machine learning techniques sharpened with domain expertise. Before that, she was an intelligence researcher in the military.

Lior is most excited by exploring, modelling and predicting human behavior. If she wasn’t a Data Scientist, she would have definitely pursued a career as a psychologist.

Lior Hemo

Data Science Team Lead
English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Community is Everything - Graph Analysis in Fraud Prevention

Data / AI / ML

Stuck with a puzzling data science problem? Have you tried to think of it as a graph?

Graphs are powerful tools that introduce a rather new, robust way of addressing relations among various entity types such as users, products, devices and genes. There are many problems where it's helpful to think of things as graphs. This type of representation can be leveraged to distinguish between communities of related entities and uncover insightful relationships which are often hidden in non-graph implementations.

In this lecture, Lior will introduce the concepts of graph network analysis using a real example from her work as a data scientist fighting fraud.

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