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Lena Kaplan is a Software Developer at the Algorithms and Data Analysis group at SimilarWeb.
She has broad experience with several technological stacks.
Lena has a Bsc. in Bioinformatics and Chemistry, and an MBA degree.
She loves to disassemble and to put back (hopefully with no parts left out :), almost everything and especially software. She loves to dig deep, to understand how things work under the hood, and believes that “The Devil is in the details”.

Lena Kaplan

Software Developer
English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How I Improved My Spark Application: Decreasing Running Time From Days to Hours!

Backend, Data / AI / ML, Software Engineering

Apache Spark has become one of the key big data distributed processing frameworks in the world. Working with big data comes with challenges of scale and it is required to be aware of the adequate big data optimization techniques in order to gain benefit from them.

In this talk, we will get familiar with Spark’s Catalyst Optimizer and how you can use it to your benefit. We will deep dive into one of the important optimizations, the Push-Down predicate, and will understand how it improves performance and why you should stop using Spark Udfs.

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