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Keren is the author of "The Age Tech Revolution", to be published in December 2021 and founder of TheGerontechnologist.com, a media platform that covers the global age tech ecosystem and offers online courses.
Named one of the most influential people in aging, Keren is a public speaker and an advisor for age tech startups, investors in the longevity economy, care providers and organizations who work on innovation in aging.
Keren was the first employee at Intuition Robotics, the startup behind ElliQ, the world’s first social robot designed with and for older adults, and co-founder & VP of Product at Sensi.Ai, a startup that developed the first and only AI solution for remote care monitoring.
She holds an M.A. in Gerontology B.Sc. in Life Sciences.

Keren Etkin

Founder, TheGerontechnologist
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar
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AgeTech and the Longevity Economy - the Biggest Blue Ocean of the 21 Century

General, Innovation, Inspirational

Our World is Experiencing an Unprecedented Demographic Change

By 2050, there will be more than 2 billion people over the age of 60 in the world – about 25% of the world’s population. These numbers, combined with a massive increase in tech adoption by older adults, and a growing number of elderly-care providers, all contribute to a massive demand for technology to serve the needs and aspirations of older adults. The age-tech market is expected to reach $2 trillion.

The Longevity Economy - the sum of all economic activity serving the needs of older adults. Americans over 50 spent $7.6 trillion on goods and services in 2018, this is projected to grow to $27.5 trillion by 2050. By 2030, they’re expected to spend over $200B annually on tech products.

A recent AARP study found that older adults are adopting technology more than ever before. Internet, smartphones, tablet, wearables, and even smart TVs and speakers, are being used by an increasingly growing number of older adults.

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