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Kelly Cuesta is a multicultural marketer, career & personal brand strategist.

With a background in international business and marketing, Kelly is a seasoned branding and demand generation specialist, seeking social impact through entrepreneurship and cooperation.

Kelly´s passion for empowering women to thrive & collectively succeed, education, data, tech and entrepreneurship has led her to join and be active at industry organisations such as: Women Techmakers powered by Google, Lean In, Geek Girls LATAM and TLA Latam.

She has leveraged technology and social media to connect women to career opportunities, resources and influential networks.

Kelly is a DEI and mental health advocate, she enjoys reading and taking action about personal development and leadership.

Kelly Cuesta

CloudBlue EMEA Marketing Manager
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English, Spanish
london, UK
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Advocate for Yourself

Professional Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Women in Tech, Marketing, Community / Networking

Do you often compare yourself to others and feel inadequate? Are you constantly overworking because you feel like you need to prove yourself?
To prove that you deserve your job, position, your seat at the table? Are you a perfectionist who is terrified that small mistakes mean you're a failure?

If you do so, you’re experiencing imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is a feeling that we don’t belong — that we’ve fooled people into thinking we’re more competent and talented than we actually are — and it's quite common. Join us to learn how to overcome imposter syndrome at work as well as discover if you're on the Self-Doubt Rollercoaster (and learn how to get off!).

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