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Focused and Funny
Bringing together Kiwi ingenuity and Swiss efficiency Jane tells it like it is using stories and humour. After 20 years in corporate HR roles she's now the bestselling author of the book Focus in the Age of Distraction and consults with international organisations on teams, collaboration and performance.
With a background in Organisational Psychology she looks at the intersection between people and technology. She provokes the audience to question their assumptions, aiming to get them to make small changes in habits that will have a lasting impact on improving their happiness and productivity.

Jane Piper

Organisational Psychologist
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Zurich, Switzerland
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Digital Addiction: The Irresistible attraction of your iPhone

HR, Women in Tech, Professional Development, Leadership, Community / Networking, Mobile

How much time are you on your phone? Or a better questions to ask- is it time well spent?
In this talk we see how addicted you are to your phone and find out how to build a healthy relationship with your phone (and other technology), work and family at the same time.

Will you be replaced by a robot?

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Leadership, Business Development, Inspirational, Innovation, HR

Will your job be replaced by a robot? What is a secure career choice for the coming 20-30 years?
Looking to future Jane explains what will be the jobs most likely to be replaced by automation, and what you need to do to have a life-long career

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