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Ifat Koller is a backend developer with 8 years of experience and lately spends a lot of time fiddling with other people’s APIs. Always enjoys a good technical challenge.
She is a great believer in creating your own opportunities and as such currently
manages a side-project program called “30 hours” that offers learning opportunities to the great women in the community of “Baot”.
In her free time, she plays netball or enjoys a cup of tea with her friends.

Ifat Koller

Backend Developer
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English, Hebrew
Yehud, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How to Party With 3rd Party APIs!

Software Engineering, Backend

3rd party integrations are everywhere. No wonder, it can give your application great abilities as you can rely on what other people have developed and you don't need to develop everything yourself.
But implementing such integrations can be tricky.
You are dealing with a piece of software that you don’t control and have no idea how it's implemented. How do you even start to understand it?
What do you do when things go wrong on their end? What should your users experience in such a case? And how do you protect your software from future changes in their code?
In this talk, I will address how to minimize all of these pains and hopefully, you'll get some takeaways to think of when you develop your own APIs.

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