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Ecosystem builder, entrepreneur and team leader.
Specializes in connecting the dots between people and companies.
Guides companies in route to becoming market leaders, through innovation and differentiation.
Turns companies’ vision into reality.
Specializes in the cannabis industry.

Heli Dangur

Global Business Development and Marketing
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English, Hebrew
Holon, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


From Low Tech to Hi Tech- How to build an innovative and open ecosystem

Community / Networking, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Development, Innovation

In today's world, companies need to act as agile startups that can adapt quickly to changes in the dynamic markets, with the fluid, quick maneuvers of a motorboat rather than those of a freight ship.
In some fields, the benefits of a collaboration between companies engaged in the same industry may have greater added value than differentiating competitiveness.
Sharing knowledge and capabilities could contribute to the companies’ mutual growth, and lead to an increase in assets and revenues.
Today, all industries must adopt an organizational culture that encourages sharing knowledge and intra-company collaborations. When all companies within an industry act as symbiotic systems, they could all take greater strides forward and push the entire industry into the next level.

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