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Hannah Glass is a senior associate in the leading financial markets team at King & Wood Mallesons, specialising in blockchain technology, fintech & payments. Hannah works with start-ups, industry bodies & ASX 200 companies advising on the evolving legal and regulatory issues associated with the implementation & application of innovative technologies. She has been involved in the development of the regulatory thinking around digital currencies & other fintech related issues such as the regulatory sandbox in Australia. Hannah sits on the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee advising on Australia's national blockchain strategy. Hannah has been named as “Up & Coming" in 2019 & 2020 Chambers & Partners Fintech Guide.

Hannah Glass

Senior Associate
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Sydney, Australia
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Blockchain governance - building blockchain architecture beyond the code

General, Design, Product, Data / AI / ML, Content, Innovation

Blockchains are built by some one for some purpose. In order to fulfill that purpose, we need to look beyond the code to ensure that not only does the technology work, but that it works as intended, in all circumstances over time. But how can we make sure that the system doesn't collapse when the technology breaks down? This talk will examine how blockchains and other fundamental technological infrastructure can be built using a corresponding legal & technological architectures to create real solutions which work.

Why new technologies need diverse teams

General, Diversity and Inclusion, Data / AI / ML, Design, Product, Innovation, Women in Tech

Whether it be AI helping scientific research or blockchain revolutionising supply chains, new technologies are heralded as the future of our society. But if these are only developed by 50% (or less) of our society, they will never be able to solve problems. Worse, they may even entrench existing biases, even where the technology operates perfectly. This talk examines how unless technology is built by diverse teams - including diversity of experience and expertise - it can never achieve its potential.

Code is not law, law is law

General, Data / AI / ML, Design, Product, Innovation, Content

Blockchain technology began as an experiment in creating digital peer-to-peer cashless currency in 2008. As the technology became more complex so too did the use cases broaden. Since then it has spawned new ways of contracting, structuring organisations and complex assets. The solutions developed were technologically neat and elegant. Legally, they were far more complex. Questions arose regarding fundamental legal concepts such as:
• What is money?
• Can an autonomous organisation be a legal entity?
• What is “property” and can bitcoin be property?
• When is a “token” a financial product (and is it an asset at all)?
This talk will seek to answer some of these questions in the context of evolving technological and legal issues.

Smart contracts - neither smart nor contracts

General, Design, Product, Innovation, Content

This talk examines what smart contracts are, why they are not smart, nor contracts and why neither of these matter. It also considers how they can be used in practice bot legally and commercially.

New tech, old laws

General, Content, Innovation, Product, Design

As technology evolves, we sometimes thinks that we need new laws to facilitate this. Whilst this is sometimes true, often the rush to create new laws may be detrimental to the evolution of technology itself, especially where current laws may be flexible enough to enable the new technology. This talk draws on experience as a lawyer examining the evolving legal and regulatory landscape to assist the development of new technologies, particularly in the context of blockchain and data.

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