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A Gil, of all trades.

I love a varied DevOps experience - from MLOps to FinOps to DevOps, from multimedia to healthcare to security. From source control to production monitoring. From large team interwork to a one-person show.

My blog: https://aonewomanshow.medium.com

Gil Bahat

DevOps Engineer (she/her)
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Hold my beer while I try to DevOps with DICOM, HIPAA and Hospitals - given at DevOpsDays 2017

DevOps, Backend, Software Engineering

Doing Devops in a regulated, old-protocol and cloud-opposed mindset DevOps is taking the world by storm. or most of it. but can you apply its principles to environments that stake the odds as much as possible against it?

This talk will be about trying to do DevOps in environments which are:
* Regulated - how to maintain compliance in the face of rapid changes. we’re going to discuss which regulation hurts the most, in what way, and what is the best way to handle the situation.
* Old protocols - how do you manage when you don’t have nearly as much ready-made tooling. what’s important to build yourself, what you can adapt and reuse and how to best identify and fill the gaps.
* Cloud-opposed mindset - how do you make the cloud appear friendly and familiar to those who shun it. how to alleviate concerns of security and performance from a service.

Email – a Transaction by Any Other Name - given at DevOpsDays 2019

Software Engineering, DevOps, Product

This lightning talk will discuss how emails differ and how they relate to other types of transactions. We will dispel a few myths regarding how email placement operates and learn what we can do to monitor delivery and assure quality of service, as with any other transaction type.

קוד פתוח בעולם הרפואה - Given at august penguin 2017

General, Software Engineering

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מה הקוד הפתוח מציע בעולם הרפואה? מדוע חשוב שקוד פתוח יהיה נוכח בעולם הזה? מה האתגרים המיוחדים של קוד פתוח בתחום?

ההרצאה תתמקד בהיבטים טכניים של קוד פתוח בעולם רפואה (פרוטוקולים, תקנים, אבטחת מידע) והיבטים חברתיים (אבטחת מידע, שקיפות, מניעת מונופוליזציה)

What's burning through your cloud bill

DevOps, Product, Soft Skills

Why do some companies manage to avoid burning through their cloud bill? why do most companies do?
Is cost reduction a goal by itself? if not, how and why should it be employed?
All of this and a bit more wrapped up in a quick, 5-minute, joke packed lightning talk.

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