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Ghilaine is passionate about allowing people to do their best work and delight others
Ghilaine helps people to operate fast growing businesses in a productive and streamlined way, keeping an eye on time and money, whilst increasing motivation and improving customer relationships in a fast paced, changing environment. She brings order to chaos and creates scalable processes around the business, empowering them to delight their customers.

She works with tech based or enabled companies who are looking to disrupt their industries, but know that people are at the centre of their success and helping them manage their teams to: Do their best work and delighting others; Create some boundaries, but not cages; Determine which part they play and what they produce is useful.

Ghilaine Chan

Activating people to work better together and flourish
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Reading, United Kingdom
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Working Better Together

Soft Skills, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Community / Networking, HR, General, Women in Tech

Working collaboratively can be hard, it requires an intentional approach to a lot of things you normally take for granted. It positions how best to structure your projects and working styles to be able collaborate effectively.

Living your your ideal week

Leadership, General, Soft Skills

Productivity is not about fitting as much in as you can, it is about doing the right things at the right time to produce what you need with as little stress/panic/effort as possible.
Your schedule needs to be realistic and sustainable for you to have the chance to keep to it. You may not live it all the time, but if you don’t know what good looks like, you have no chance of achieving it.
Ghilaine will guide you through a tried and tested way to structure your day/week to work best for you that is sustainable and realistic and plays to your own strengths. Helping you produce your best work more often than not.

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