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Gene Zeiniss is an experienced back-end-oriented developer at Behalf, a digital platform that facilitates payments by extending net terms and financing to businesses.
Although her educational background includes humanitarian disciplines, Gene discovered a passion for technology, which led her to begin a high-tech career as an ISTQB certified QA tester, then advanced to development and software engineering.
Gene leads the Backend Guild, responsible for R&D training, technological advancement, conventions, and practices. She also has a tech blog on Medium.
Gene is a wine lover and a wanderlust (which is made worse by a pandemic. Fortunately, wine is consoling).

Gene Zeiniss

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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


The Side Effects of Over-Testing and How to Manage Them

Software Engineering, Backend, QA / Automation

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I believe in the power of automated testing. If you agree with the motto "If it isn't tested, it's broken", we are on the same page. Still, one of the biggest challenges of testing is knowing when to stop. Let's face it, testing is costly. And over-testing is likely to increase the costs while the return on investment dramatically decreases.
In this talk, I will list some of the over-testing side effects and explain how you can manage them by setting the boundaries of each testing level.

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