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Emma speaks on a diverse range of topics from her 17 years experience in the creative industry, her 6 years living with Parkinson's, her 2 projects PD365 and thef---itlist and the last 9 months as a startup founder.

She has spoken at large conferences with 2000+ people all the way through to intimate charity gatherings at 10 Downing Street. She's shared stages with Theresa May and Satya Nadella. She has 5 TedX talks under her belt and in 2017 a video of her story went viral when she was featured in BBC2's The Big Life Fix.

BIMA 100 | MT's 35<35 | Woman of The Future | BIMA Inclusive Design Council | Wired 'One To Watch'

Emma Lawton

Co-Founder @ More Human
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London, United Kingdom
Can also give an online talk/webinar
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Dropping the P Bomb

General, Soft Skills, Professional Development, Design, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, Community / Networking, Inspirational, Innovation, HR

7 years ago, just as Creative Director Emma’s company was redesigning the Parkinson’s UK website, Emma was diagnosed herself with Young Onset Parkinson’s. She was aged just 29. Yet Emma has gone on to do more in those 7 years than she ever expected to achieve in a lifetime.

Her journey has taken her from an unexpected diagnosis to winning multiple awards, featuring in a BBC television documentary and articles in the Guardian, Evening Standard and Cosmopolitan, reaching out to other young women. Emma is now co-founder of tech startup More Human, a blogger, author and stand-up comedian.

Emma will share her personal story of how being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a young age has changed her view of the condition and of life in general.

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