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I'm a data-driven product manager. In the past few years I've been focused on Machine learning products.
I started as a data analyst 10 years ago and has since been data-obsessed. I have gained great experience in managing BI teams, working in data engineering, and creating products for data people. Prior to my professional career, I served as a product manager for the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Since joining AppsFlyer, I'm leading the Protect360 product, the full fraud protection suite, and the industry’s most advanced SDK encryption and security method that relies heavily on data and Machine Learning.
I like to talk about data, machine learning, product management, behavioral sociology, and startups in general.

Elena Levi

Senior Product Manager
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English, Hebrew
Tel aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Cognitive biases of the different stakeholders

Soft Skills, General, Product

As product managers, we rely heavily on gathering data in order to make product and business-related decisions. But even with the best intentions at heart, many times our decision-making is affected by inherent biases and preconceived notions - not by empirical data.

This is a universal pain across organizations.

In this talk, we will reveal the most prominent cognitive biases and explore mitigation tips to make better data-driven decisions. From Sales to Marketing and from Support to Dev we'll dive into each stakeholder, cover the most painful bias, explore how it affects the product, and how to deal with them.

Charts and visual lies

Data / AI / ML, Product, DevOps

Charts are a very useful and easy way to present information.

The problem is that when done wrong, they can do more damage than good. They can be completely useless or even worse - lie and deceive.

Picking the right type of chart for your data is just halfway to success. On top of that, you’d have to know your way around the data.

So, do you have what it takes to create the perfect chart?

Defining KPIs Like a Pro

Data / AI / ML, DevOps, General

a 5-minute ignite talk about KPIs. what they are, how to pick them and why using them properly makes us better at any position.

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