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Currently VP for Business Development and Chairperson of IBI Mutual Funds, Elah has worked in the capital market for over 20 years. Elah Co-founded IBI's women's investment forum, IBI's ESG and Impact portfolios amongst other initiatives at IBI.

Elah holds both an MBA and an MS Degree in Biology from the Faculty of Physiology and Pharmacology both from the Tel Aviv University.

Elah is serves as chair of IWN - Israel Women's Network is a member of the board of governors of Ma'aleh, is a board member of NIF and a member of the Israeli NAB. Elah publishes financial column and Op-Ed's in the Israeli economic media.

Elah Alkalay

Chair of the board I.B.I Mutual Funds VP Business Development I.B.I. Investment House Ltd.
English, Hebrew
Kfar Mordhay, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


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