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Dinah Davis is the VP of R&D at Arctic Wolf. She has 18 years industry experience, with 16 years of it in security roles at Arctic Wolf, BlackBerry, Trustwave, and CSE. Dinah holds a M.Math in Cryptography from the University of Waterloo and has over 15 patents in the cybersecurity space.

The work of Dinah's team played a crucial role in Arctic Wolf being named the 25th fastest growing company in North America on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in 2019.

Dinah founded KW CyberSecurity Meetup(2017) and co-founded Waterloo Region's first Cyber Security Conference Cyber City(2019).

Dinah founded and ran Code Like a Girl from 2015 to 2018, a publication with over 40,000 subscribers striving to change society's perceptions of how women are viewed in technology.

Dinah Davis

VP of R&D
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Waterloo, Canada
Can also give an online talk/webinar
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The Inner Workings of Ransomware and how to Avoid it

Security / Privacy

Ransomware has been in the wild since 1983, but saw a steep rise with the advent of Wanna Cry in 2017 and is showing now signs of slowing down. In fact we are seeing more breaches that ever using this attack. It is important for everyone to understand how it works and how to avoid it. In this talk I will go into detail on how ransomware works and show you live example of wanna-cry exploding in our malware environments at Arctic Wolf. I will go into how we have seen ransomware change over the last three years, the trends we are currently seeing, and where we think it is going next.

You can find out more about me by watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o8vQZe9TYk&t=24s

How to Build a High Performance Software Organization

Software Engineering, Professional Development, Leadership, Business Development, DevOps

After building a number of high performance development teams over the years I started to see a theme. Teams with happy developers perform better than teams with unhappy developer. I learned from an agile coach once that developers need to hear 7 positive things to every negative thing they hear and I took that to heart. I knew based on my experience leading teams that an agile mindset with open and transparent communication combined with continuous delivery processes would create a collaborative, high performing, happy development team and that in turn would create a High Performance Organization.

The problem is, it was very hard to “Measure” organizational performance and with development teams you need to be very careful about what measures to put in place. Bad measures will drive bad behaviour. This talk is about how to build and measure a high performance development organization with tangible actions the audience can implement right away.

The Career Building Formula

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Business Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Women in Tech, Inspirational

Building a successful career isn’t about one successful project, promotion, or award. Building a successful product isn’t about one great idea. It is about taking small actions everyday that help to build a successful career or product over time. The difficult part often is identify what these actions should be. Over my career I have found a straight forward formula that helps you identify these actions. This talk is about imparting this knowledge to the audience so that they too can easily identify these key opportunities for career building actions.

How to grow and develop female talent in the cybersecurity sector

Women in Tech, Inspirational, Leadership, Professional Development, Business Development, Soft Skills

We know that the more diverse your company is, the more successful that company will become. If you are one of the first organizations to figure out how to increase you gender diversity, you will have a huge advantage compared with organizations who don’t.

In this talk I will lean on my experience as a Women In Tech and the founder of Code Like a Girl to provide you with a step to step guide on how to increase gender diversity in your tech organization.

This talk is loosely based on the following two articles that I have written: https://www.information-management.com/opinion/how-to-grow-and-develop-female-talent-in-the-cybersecurity-sector https://code.likeagirl.io/how-to-change-the-tech-gender-ratio-775a1977bf1f

Find out more about me in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o8vQZe9TYk

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