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Daniela Green is a front end developer and a Team Lead. She enjoys building stuff from scratch, along with planning, designing, and integrating everything around to make it work.
She has been writing code for the past 8 years and is extremely passionate about the front end world. In her development, she included tests from the beginning while implementing TDD all the way. Daniela truly believes that tests are the gatekeeper of our code.

Daniela Green

Front End developer and Team Lead
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Tests: The gatekeepers of our code

Software Engineering, Professional Development, Frontend

In this talk, Daniela asks and answers one of the most frequently asked questions in the software development world today - Why and how should we use tests?
Moreover, Daniela presents different types of tests and demonstrates how writing tests actually makes us write better code.
Finally, she gives us a small taste of what is TDD and experience a short live coding example of TDD.

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