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As a child I have experienced language barriers both in English and Hebrew, bullying, racism, etc, having moved with my family to the U.S. and back.
From the age of 5, I knew that I wanted to make a difference and make sure that no one would have to experience what I did.
So, I started researching the d.n.a. of the human voice (10 years), studied vocal therapy, and personal/business mentoring and today I am the only Vocal analyst business mentor in the world
I teach people how to use thier voice as a theraputic, communicative and business tool.
My lectures include research, live vocal analysis, skills and tools that are easy to use,
will improve our mental and physical health, allow us to communicate better and even benefit our clients.

Coral Frieden

Voice Analyst ad Business mentor
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Harish, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


The secrets behind the d.n.a. of our voice

Professional Development, Innovation, Inspirational, Soft Skills

We seem to have heard and seen everything in the sales/wellness/communication area right?
What if I told you that I have researched and instituted an innovative method that can effect these areas via the human voice on a whole other level?
Imagine your voice as a vessel, a skill that can give you an advantage in:
Effecting the behavior of your d.n.a.- illness prevention and awareness.
Communicating better with your children, staff and self
Turning your voice into your business card, customer service, learning to deliver a cohesive message
All these are based on study cases that I have been documenting in my field of expertise
There are multiple workshops that go along with these talks

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