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I have over 30 years of experience in the Technology industry from Software Developer to Cloud Architect. Born in India, and immigrated to the United States in late 1980s, I have lived through he Dot Com era as well as the Y2K to now the Cloud and AI revolutions. Through it all, I have learnt, contributed and had a lot of fun in the most innovative and interesting space thus far.

Barkha Herman

Cloud Solution Architect
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Pompano Beach, United States
Can also give an online talk/webinar


5 Ways to succeed @ Work as a women in Tech

Women in Tech, Soft Skills, Inspirational

As women in technology, we often feel like we are pulled in several directions. In this session, we will:
Get Clarity :
Clarity is the first step in achieving any goals. You will start understanding your goals as well as your motivations to achieve them.

Uncover YOUR blockers:
Discover the things that are in your way. When creating a big vision, knowing your blockers is essential, as is a plan to overcome them.

Find YOUR action strategy:
My cheat sheet on discovering your strategy. Find out what works for you, not most others.

Discover your path to least resistance:
All roads may lead to Rome, however there is one that works best for you. Find out the importance of choosing the path of least resistance.

Learn your learning style:
Learn to learn - there is no short cuts to skills, unless you know your optimal path to learning. Learn to create your short cuts.

How to create daily Wins:
Mindset is the key. Learn how daily mindset tweaks creates daily wins.

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