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Ayelet is a strategic cloud engineer and co lead of PSO-SRE EMEA @Google UK, focusing on infrastructure, AppDev and SRE. Throughout her 15 years career, She developed and architect large scale applications and data flows while implementing DevOps practices and SRE methodologies. Ayelet is also an active member in the tech community, she is a mentor, lecturer, and formerly led the "Women in Hi-Tech'' community's content and mentoring program in Israel. In her spare time, Ayelet loves creating things if it's a dish in the kitchen, piece of code, or creating impactful content.
Ayelet is based in London, UK. Twitter @ayeletsachto

Ayelet Sachto

Strategic Cloud Engineer
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English, Hebrew
London, United Kingdom
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Running Reliable Systems: Site Reliability Engineering and lessons learned

Software Engineering, General, DevOps

Software Delivery and Operational performance is crucial, in this session we will talk about SRE approach to operate at scale. You will be introduced to Site reliability engineering terminology and principles. And I’ll share with you some lesson learned from the field and how to get started.

SRE is a result of Google’s lessons learned on running production systems at scale. This talk is organized into five topics: - The core problem Site Reliability Engineering is trying to solve(and what is it)? - Key principles SREs use to keep systems appropriately reliable. - Practices of SRE: key areas of responsibility and expertise SREs have. - How to get started (both as a practitioner and as leader ) - Lessons learned & Q&A

Attendees can expect to learn the importance of setting and creating an error budget, the importance of learning from mistakes, the importance of enabling and empowering culture as well as recommendations on getting started implementing those practices in your team.

My Journey to Cloud

Soft Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, Professional Development, Inspirational

In This session Ayelet will share from her personal journey of being a women in the tech industry, which started officially in her army reserve, but unofficially long before that.
She will talk about lessons learned during her 15 year career in the industry, leading a community and mentoring, offering her perspective and practical tips about the importance of career management, brand and soft skills, "tell your story" and personal introspective.

If you can drive you can architect a system

Software Engineering

Even the best engineers sometimes struggle with architecting their services, especially when talking about complex data flows and components dependencies. Engineers more than once miss important concerns in design, and from my experience, it’s usually due to lack of awareness or knowledge and not lack of motivation.

In this talk, I will try to simplify a complex subject, by demonstrating how natural solution architecture can be if you use a different perspective, implementing similar logic from a driver’s daily life through architecture challenges. We will start with demonstrating such trade-offs and design principles by asking simple questions as “which car would you buy?” and "What will your answer be if you have 1000$? 10M$, Would you buy the same car? Will it affect your decision If you driving 10 mins a day? 10 hours a day? Together we will cover the key points and questions you should consider when architecting your solution.

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