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Alison Coward is the founder of Bracket, a consulting agency that helps teams in the creative and digital industries to work better together. She is a strategist, workshop facilitator, coach, trainer, keynote speaker and author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”.

She works across corporates, start-ups, agencies and public institutions and her client list includes Google, D&AD, Barclaycard, Wellcome and Channel 4. With over 15 years’ experience of working in, leading and facilitating creative teams, Alison is passionate about finding the balance between team creativity, productivity and collaboration.

Alison Coward

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London, UK
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Workshop Culture for a Better Workplace

Soft Skills, Leadership, Innovation, Professional Development, Design, Product, UX / UI

How can leaders build a more creative, collaborative and engaged culture with their teams?

This talk covers why we should strive for great workshops rather than typical meetings, the role of facilitation in leadership as well as practical tips for better workshops and meetings.

The Changing Face of Teamwork

Soft Skills, Innovation, Design, Product, UX / UI, Professional Development

Teams are nothing new, but they are starting to look different. Has our thinking evolved as much as it needs to keep up with technology, the need for innovation and the demands we have for a modern workplace?

This talk covers how to build happy, engaged and thriving teams in times of change.

Designing a High-Performing Team

Soft Skills, Leadership, Design, Product, Innovation, Professional Development

Effective collaboration remains a challenge for many. How can we make the most of the collective expertise in a team, whilst ensuring that each person can work in a way that enables them to do their best work?

This talk shares both practice-based and research-backed insights on characteristics of high-performing teams, principles for designing an effective team culture and how to create good team habits that stick.

Great Workshops, Great Teams

Soft Skills, Design, UX / UI, Product, Innovation, Professional Development

Workshops are an essential part of our projects for gathering information and generating ideas. But sometimes the energy and motivation is lost soon after they finish. How can you make sure your workshops have a longer-term impact, to influence the way your team works together throughout a project?

This talk covers practical tips for designing and facilitating workshops that generate concrete outcomes, and how to keep the momentum going that contributes to a collaborative team culture.

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