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Ady is a multi-disciplinary strategy & marketing professional with 20 years of managerial experience in the IT & Software industries. Currently, Ady holds the position of GTM Lead for ISVs at Microsoft Israel, and is responsible for designing and executing global marketing strategies for startups and software companies. In addition, Ady is a noted public speaker and "spoken word" poet, and is especially passionate about impact of technology on life, business and culture. As a mother of two sons, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum, Ady is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workforce and the community.

Ady Mor-Biran

Go To Market Lead at Microsoft, Unriddler of Life
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English, Hebrew, Spanish
Kfar Saba, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Un-virtual Reality

Data / AI / ML, Diversity and Inclusion, Inspirational, Innovation, General

What happens when technology meets human needs?
By peeking into the lives of 7 people whose lives were changed by innovative technology - this session provides a true understanding of how trends like artifical intelligence and virtual/augmented reality are more than just buzzwords.
The surprising implementations of these digital abilities will, no doubt, spark inspiration and thought.

The human side of AI (AI for Good)

Data / AI / ML, Diversity and Inclusion, Inspirational, Innovation, General

In this session, Ady shares how AI can be used for Good and presents some inspiring stories demonstrating AI at its best. 
The premise for the talk is the more than seven billion people on Earth, constituting an incredible diversity of aspirations and abilities – and how empowering each of these people and the organizations they represent to access the world of technology - and leverage that access to solve difficult global challenges in areas like environmental sustainability, attainable healthcare and accessibility.

Digital innovation - The Real Deal

General, Data / AI / ML, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation

"Digital" is quickly taking over every aspect of our lives - how we communicate, how we make decisions, how we purchase. It is no wonder then, that technology is changing each and every industry.
Innovative technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Virtual/augmented reality are enabling new business models and bringing about new opportunities for growth.
This session reviews the main technology trends of today's digital transformations, and will present real life examples of such transformations from various industries.

Being the Wind Under Your Own Wings

General, Women in Tech, Inspirational, Professional Development, Soft Skills

Sometimes it appears the position we have reached in life is a result of luck, circumstances and choices - and if the winds are strong, they can carry us away from where we aim to arrive.
Life has demonstrated that, even in stormy times - it is possible not only to drift, but to take off.
Not only to take off, but to soar.

In this session about her unconventional life, Ady Mor-Biran unfolds the moments of choice and motivation that have allowed her to fly high, time and time again.

Watashi Wa Ady Des

Professional Development, Soft Skills, General, Business Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Inspirational

When ancient tradition meets modern attitude, interesting things happen. Though this personal story of a woman starting out her career in a Japanese conglomerate, Ady provides a practical insight into cultural differences between Israel and Japan, and some learning on the keys to business success.

High Functioning Family

General, Soft Skills, Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, Inspirational

A high functioning autistic child - is surely not what you would imagine. Parenting such a child is a story in a by itself. This session provides a peek into the life alongside the unique characteristics of autism. By sharing moments of laughter, wisdom and difficulty - Ady shares lessons learned that can be applicable to each and every one.

Modern marketing – it’s all about storytelling

Marketing, Content, Innovation, Women in Tech, Leadership, Business Development, General, Soft Skills, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship

Branding and marketing are an inseparable part of a startup’s journey – doing it right can define the startup’s direction and success.
In the session we will discuss the key questions that need to be constantly answered for a clear marketing strategy, and we will understand how storytelling can be a unique and effective tool in determining the company’s voice and brand.

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