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What we do


Bringing women to the FRONT.


We're aware of tech's shortcomings when it comes to diversifying its workforce. The sector is predominantly male and even more so are the speakers at tech events. However, we seek to correct the false impression that women speakers are either non-existent or hard to come by.

We've lost count of the times we heard organizers say, 'There were no suitable women speakers on the matter' or 'Women just don't apply' and 'We only received men's applications for speakers this year.' We at Women on Stage know it doesn't have to be this way!

We created this platform to provide event organizers with a large pool of highly qualified women professionals from which to choose from, so we never have to attend another non-inclusive event again. Whether live in-person or remotely online, we have pooled these professionals for your next event. 

Women on Stage was founded in 2020 by Moran Weber, an Israeli social entrepreneur, software developer and social psychologist.

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